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Mr. & Mrs. Martin

Guys. This wedding. We LOVED this wedding! From the very beginning in our initial meeting, you could tell this was going to be a very close knit family affair! Kyle and Paige have known each other for a long time! In fact, their families are basically best friends. The whole families! So much love and fun through this whole process and we are so excited to share these photos with you! Prepare yourselves for LOTS of photos as it was already hard enough to narrow it down to these. ;)

Beautiful stationary for the whole event provided by

Kyle & Paige exchanged gifts at their first look. A necklace made with a special stone from Kyle's family for Paige, and an Onyx ring to match Kyle's dad and grandfathers rings.

Kyle & Paige did something new at their reception that we hadn't done before! They did a "Freeze Frame" where they ran around to every table to get a fast shot with everyone at their reception! They had ONE SONG to get it all done. Here are just a few!

Studio Z films ( got together an amazing same day edit and surprised EVERYONE with it at the reception! So awesome!

Then everyone rocked out with The Naked Karate Girls!

Congratulations Paige & Kyle!

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